Gary Hendershots SS

Jim Bollman

I got this message from John McKnight and hoped that someone on the list may have bought this Super Sports or knows whi did.

Who bought Gary's Red SS  serial # 50153 at the Barrett Jackson auction a few years ago?  Gary sold it to a local guy who auctioned it off. I have all of Gary's info on this car. He listed everything he did to the car and where and when he drove it. 


Jim Bollman

Here is the Barrett Jackson write up on the car. Different SN than original thought.

SN VC30513. Red with black top over red vinyl. Upgraded 44-cubic-inch four-cylinder; three-speed manual. Excellent paint. Brightwork appears fresh. Excellent interior. A fully and recently restored example that was an Arizona car from new.
During its restoration, this car was repowered with a Crofton engine (Crofton Marine Engine Company bought the rights to the Crosley powerplant a few years after Crosley ceased automotive operations in 1952). It’s evident that more money was spent on this restoration than was recovered in the sale.


I show that car as Joe McKee in Tucson AZ, red/red/exc. cond