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The original owner of the Crosley Beverly was E.G. Crandell, Chicago when mounted on  an unidentified chassis.  It had no divider window or rear seat armrest.  

1932   Powell Crosley Jr., 2366 Kipling St., Cincinnati, OH.  From Elbert: "I remember          trading in a Packard Phaeton for a four passenger sports Duesenberg (used).  A year later (7/1/33), I made a trade with the Duesenberg people who completely rebuilt. repainted, and reupholstered the body and put it on a new Duesenberg chassis (2538,SJ-512), with supercharged engine."  Powell Crosley Jr.

Powell Crosley Jr. was an industrialist, manufacturer of radio sets and appliances,        former auto maker, head of Crosley Broadcast Corp., developer of radio station WLW, principal owner since 1936 of the Cincinnati Reds baseball team.  Died   3/28/61 in Cincinnati at age 74.

After Crosley the car went to an Oklahoma owner then:

1938   Chicago used Duesenberg dealer John Troka.  The supercharger was removed by someone after sale by Crosley including external exhausts.

When owned by ACD Club newsletter editor Fred Benson 8/61 to 7/73

10/76  Leo Gephart, Mich. added external exhaust.  Offered in March 1977 Hemmings for         $150,000.  Claimed to still have original interior.

9/77    James W. "Jim" Packer, 1156 N. LaCienega #908, Los Angeles, CA 90069 who put       on a new supercharger, later removed.  Offered 10/78 thru Movie World Museum for           $200,000.

                   Spring Grove Cemetery,  4521 Spring Grove Avenue, Cincinnati, OH



for story of the restoration.

Current claim:

Now complete and reunited with its original supercharger, which was purchased at auction by a previous owner of SJ512 for nearly $300,000.