For Sale: 1948 Wagon Project With Barry Seel Engine - $4500 - Louisiana

Jim Bollman

Here is a bargain for someone wanting a project. Here is the highlights but read the list of everything that comes with this deal: solid 48 wagon body, 51-52 chassis, lots of parts already restored, lots of new parts, a Barry Seel built modified engine with every Braje extra you can name. Clean Title.
All for $4500

Becky Addison
Lafayette Louisiana
337-254-5011 cell

Complete Crosley Engine (Built by Barry Sea)
Engine Features:
  • Bored new pistons
  • Hardened valve seats
  • Modular iron crank-turned new bearings
  • Rods re-built back to factory standards.
  • New ¾ CAM and new CAM bearings
  • New tower shaft bushings
  • Water pump-re-built with new shaft and packing
  • Oil filter and housing from Service Motors
  • Generator-re-built with sealed bearings
  • Fan-re-built with sealed bearings
  • Fuel Pump – re-built
  • Starter – re-built
  • New distributor cap, points, wires and plugs
  • Braje oil pan
  • Braje side pans
  • Braje valve cover
  • Braje dual car manifold-Carbs and linkage done by Chick Koehler
  • Braje exhaust manifold
New Factory throw out bearing
Clutch and pressure plate-used but in mint condition
NOS Transmission

Parts included are:
  • 1951-52 Frame (powder coated plus springs and powder coated front axle with new spindle bushings and pins.
  • Torque Tube (powder coated) Rear end housing (powder coated) Extra rear end (like new gears) New lower tail gate hinge, new window channel
  • 6 wheels) powder coated in white) 7 wheels (powder coated in beige) 4 wheels on wagon are also powder coated.
  • Door locks, hinges and door hardware (ready to use) New rubber for windshield and tailgate. New radiator hoses and gas tank, rubber, new gas tank with sending unit.
  • Complete set of seats, 4 used radiators, 3 extra torque tube dives, 2 extra steering columns, 2 complete engines, 1 transmission, 1 new starter, 3 used starters.
  • 1-new engine block (with new standard pistons and rings), several used blocks, several intakes and exhaust manifolds, several bell housings, clutch parts.
  • Chassis springs (some blasted and painted) 1 set NOS grill bars. Stainless steel rod and hood support, some new valves, new rocker panels, Front and rear splash pans (new)
  • Hood lacing, stainless door handles, Battery box (new) 1-set of brake shoes (new -from service Motors)
  • 2 boxes of brake parts, new brake hoses, master cylinder kit, 5 rear brake backing plates (powder coated) 6 front brake backing plates (powder coated)
  • 4 rear drums (chemically cleaned and painted with 1200 degrees paint.) 3 front drums (chemically cleaned and painted with 1200 degree paint.
  • 4 front drums (un-cleaned) 2 rear drums (un-cleaned), lots of brake parts, disc brake parts (some are new) Calipers, rotors, backing plates (dirty and greasy)
  • Lots of front and rear axle bearings (cleaned and in good condition) still matched the way they were originally) Lots of rear axles (some with new keys and nuts)
  • 1- box of distributor parts (some new) NOS dimmer switch and light switch (in box with other electrical parts. Water pump parts (some new and some used)
  • NOS locks with keys, NOS tailgate handle with keys, Repro ignition switch with key, 2 boxes of drive line parts (clutch, transmission and universal)
  • New seals (front and rear axles) Glass hardware (NOS and repro) Emblems, New coil and voltage regulator, 1 radio and parts (needs restoration)
  • 2 cranks (both turned with matching bearings-ready to use) Tillotson DY9C parts (new and used) 1 box suspension parts. 2 boxes of valves, springs and followers) used.
  • 1 box horn parts, 2 gasket sets with extras. 1 box fuel pump parts (new and used) NOS speedometer, NOS instrument cluster, 1 box windshield motors (used)
  • Electronic ignition (new in package) 5 new steering wheels (machined and ready to use)
  • There are more parts not listed.
All as a package deal for $4500

Ron D.

Wow, that seems like a great price, considering the Barry engine is worth a good chunk of that price. Too bad it's over 20 hours away from me. That, and I haven't finished my last Crosley project car.