Florida meet


Hello, I would like to have my Crosley art truck (  at this event.  I live on the Pinellas side of the Skyway Bridge  exit 16. I live on the street the exit brings you to.The AG museum is just on the other side of the bridge about a 15 minute drive in a normal car. I can not drive the crosley over the bridge as my max speed is about 35 mph. I know where Charlie's home is, but is a normal car that is a 45 minute drive at 75mph. Is anyone attending planing on driving over the skyway bridge? There is a park (Maxamo) just off the exit 16 where the VW's over the skyway tour ( I have a 73 Thing) and ends every year.  On this side of the bridge, I have driven it as far as 25 miles away from my garage storage to events on this side of the skyway.  The custom trailer for the crosley is here at the storage yard about 2 miles from Maxamo. Please send me any suggestions you may have about it.
Frank Pinto