[EXTERNAL] [Crosley-Gang] Fageol Crank Case

Mark Schoenlein


I may have Fageol motor that you can use. Contact me at megschoenlein@...



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1) I am in need of a Fageol Crankcase, one that was used in an application that used a Flanged [for a Crosley Flywheel] crank shaft. Some applications may be generators, welders, water pumps, Thermo King, fork lifts, probably all horizontal applications including boats. Reason is I want a heavey duty crankcase that uses the Crosley style rear main seal. Probably made through the Croftons too.

2) I want to install a spridget clutch in a Crosley bell housing per the article in the files. I can get the same clutch kit from the same company [MiniMania] as in the article but it lists at $249.99.!. Am I out of touch or is it worth that much, quality wise? I tried to find a racing one with a solid hub [per Dave L.] but had no luck. I see other clutch kits for around $150 but have no reference for quality.

E mail or message. Thanks, Seb.