Engine color????

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Hey guys here's good one, the '48 wagon AKA "Merlin" has an
interesting set up, or will be when it is complete. In restoring or
rebuilding the engine, I have found no paint what so ever on the cast
block, however the oil pan is the tin engine green along with the
generator bracket and band, also found over spray on the bell housing.
Here's the question, and I checked with another source and I'm merely
pooling more info, "Merlin" left the factory in march of 48 with the
tin engine installed, at some point later the CIBA block was
installed, when no one knows, I'm guessing some where around '49 to
51. I was alternating back and forth on green or gray for the block,
but my source thought that if the block came out of the parts house
that it was never painted and that it was mounted the existing
crankcase which is numbered 36216. I thinking of setting it up as it
appeared just after the cobra/ciba conversion. If anyone has seen
this set up or has info, let me know.....