Engine and Trans Advice and Help

Tom Sodaro

Hello all, I was going along pretty well and I am now stumped and need some help from the club. I want to apologize for my lack of vocabulary when it comes to this project, but I swear I am working one it. I am working on a 1959 Crofton. The engine was rebuilt by a club member and the trans was done years ago by who I bought the bug from. The problem is two-fold. First, when I bolted the transmission to the engine there is a small gap between the Bearing Retainer (??) and the engine so the spline has about 1 inch showing. I think the Bearing Retainer (?) is from a rambler and they did not have the one made for the Crofton. I do not think it is an issue, but needed to show this. The big problem is when the yolk is engaged and the bearing is pushed all the way forward it stops right before the gap (which is where it should stop because the stop on the yolk hits the trans.) The real problem is that the bearing just barely touches the bolts on the springs? Can I safety put longer bolts on the spring plate (??). I am sorry for my lack of vocabulary, but I really need help! Any ideas? Tom S