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"Barb and Clarence Kapraun" <backap1@...>

From: "Jim Tracht" <jwt@...>
Subject: Re: Re: Truck For Sale
Hi Jim,
My 51 customized Crosley (started as a station wagon) is for sale. It looks
like a miniature El Caino with a bed cover not removable. The conversion is
very professional. It is turquoise in color and has 2 convertible tops one
black, one white. It has a rebuilt engine with less 300 miles on it. It has
chrome beauty rings and new tires.You can see a picture of it in the winter
1997 Quarterly on page 5 and on the front cover of the Fall 1998 issue (3rd
picture down on right side). I am asking $3500.00 for it. It is located in
Lake Cicott, IN about an hour and a half south of South Bend, IN.
Type at you later
Barb & Kap