Crosley 18 wheeler


Hello, as many of you have seen, I had the truck on BaT and the bid got to 8000. As I had a reserve it did not sell. I am now repainting the truck and trailer with a new design. The vintage paint was not very popular with buyers. I have taken down all of the information about  it on the website for the truck . My youtube page also no longer has any videos for all of the rebuilding over the years.  I am selling the URL if anyone is intersted in it before I let Godaddy list it for sale for me. Once the truck is finished I will have a new website for it with videos and photos of the new look. last week was listed as 95% above all other car related sites on GoDaddy. This week it has droped to 75% as have removed all of the content from the site except for a photo of a 1937 dodge truck that belonged to a hardware store we owned in Philadelphia. The photo was taken in 1937 by the origional owners of the hardware business.


Go check out the great story we were given, Fall & Winter 2015, Spring & Summer 2016 - 4 parts.  Thank you Frank!