crosley 18 wheeler


Hello, My Crosley 18 wheeler can be seen at There are many photos and videos available on the site. It has a 1965 Chevy 153  engine with a 3 speed muncie transmission and a 1960 MG midget or Sprite rear end. The truck was not restored but everything was rebuilt. I recently replaced the rear axles, bearing and brakes. A few months back I rebuilt the drive shaft with new joints, chevy on 1 end and MG on the other. The truck portion has 10 tires with tubes and 8 of them are fairly new. 2 are old. The trialer has old tires with new tubes and has had the bearings packed , the floor replaced and new wire harness, plus and bulb sockets. The brakes are vacuum and are disconnected. It is registered 2999# so no brakes are needed in PA where it is registered. The PINTO signs on the doors are magnetic and can be removed. I added under dash Air conditioner with a Sandon 508 compressor a few years ago.  It has a 12 volt 21 circuit GM wire harness in it with a 80 amp 1 wire alternator. Trailer hooks up and has manual landing gear on each side. The seats where just recovered with the same color and material ( pressed pleat) used in the 70's. speedometer and gas gauge do not work. Oil pressure gauge is under hood. The price is $30,000.00 where is as is. I drive it local cars shows here in saint petersburg. The furthest I have driven it is 20 miles  one way. It has a 5 gal. gas tank and get about 15 mpg with a/c on. The passanger window has a crack in the front corner down low. Rear window is plastic. Offers accepted. You can drive it in the storage facility if you want to see it here. I currently have it insured with Hagerty. This is a one of a kind piece and is just that. For a business marketing tool or to just drive to local shows, it would be fantastic to own. I am selling as my wife and I are now retired and the indoor storage unit where i keep it is close to 300.00 a month now. So $3600. a year to store it is becoming prohibited. Remember, it has been in my family since 1955. I have owned it sine 2009.
Frank Pinto