seb fontana

Are there any differences between the Crosley, in its years of production and the Aerojet-General, the Fageol, and the Crofton 44 and 53 engine Camshafts; as far as duration and lift?..By my some what calibrated eye ball [right one] they [except one] all look pretty close but I have not assembled a bunch and mechanically measured; yet..The "except one" that I had was in a 48' CC Panel truck, it was a later cast iron bloc [no gov mount] and had the rope seals and thin webbs, draw handle strapped mains crankcase and the only difference in the cam was that the exhaust valve lobes had less lift, some wheres .125 less..They were machined that way, they did not wear or get messed up in any way.. Any knowledge? Thanks, Seb..