Another view about customs

"bltlar" <bltlar@...>

As Papajak said. "This is a sensitive area and I want to be as
diplomatic and respectful of those who have different opinions." I
have ONLY stock and originals, BUT. . . . have noticed, even at the
National Crosley meet, the customized vehicles get all the attention
from the members. Like last year when everybody was talking about the
HS that had a big engine and was widdened by a foot. Good work is
enjoyed by all members no matter what they may say. Each of us has
his or her own preferences of what we own & enjoy, even if they may
be different. At last year National when I asked even the most verbal
stock liking member if this item was original his reply was "It is my
car and I'll do as I damn well please!" I was just asking a simple
question, not condeming. I just walked away shaking my head. So as he
said "Do as you damn well please" and if he says anything just remind
him of his own statement. Sorry, but that hurt me. Larry