Almquist sabre built on Crosley

Jim Bollman

One of my favorite aftermarket bodies. I'm not sure but the frame need some modifications to fit at the proper height, many of the after market bodies do. Another option for engines is what we call a big block Crosley. The Crosley engine design went on after the  company closed under several names, and application, boat engines being where most were used for. Stock Crosley is 44ci the big blocks are 53 and 59ci. A 59ci puts out 55hp stock and with very minor upgrades to carb and exhaust can get 65-70hp at roughly the same weight.

I see Dave has already given you the big 3 vendors and invited you to the Nationals. You will have a lot of fun and learn a lot by attending with or without your Sabre. At least one past Sabre owner comes every year and I'm sure would share stories.


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I am starting my restoration project of a 1956 Almquist Sabre. Built on a Crosley.
I have the frame, Front and rear suspension and steering box. That's about it.
Everything else will need to be fabricated (floor, internal panel structure etc.)

Is is disassemble and in a pile....  So the process begins.

My options are to keep it fairly "Crosley"   Right now I am looking for a good source for suspension parts.
Run gear will be either a Crosley or a Ford V8/60.  The V860 was a popular choice back in the day I guess.

Looking for help sourcing parts and will have many questions along the way.
Thank you!

Tom Kubiniec

Learn more about the Sabre:

<Screen Shot 2018_01_12 at 2.20.50 AM.png><Screen Shot 2018_01_12 at 2.21.00 AM.png><Screen Shot 2018_01_12 at 2.21.08 AM.png>

<Screen Shot 2018_01_12 at 2.21.19 AM.png> <Screen Shot 2018_01_12 at 2.21.17 AM.png>

Spock Arnold

I agree with Jim.  Love these along with Devins.   On my bucket list for "someday".  Would make a great show car