Adapting Sprite transmission


For an H Mod project I found a Sprite smooth case trans after several folks suggested this as a good alternative to what I was looking at. I know this has been done and need to find out the procedure and if there is any source of an adapter. Also if the installation converted the driveline to an open driveshaft. Plus there might be a couple of other "Spridget" trans if anyone is interested. 


Never mind. I did a search for 4-speed and got a whole undergraduate degree from previous posts. Great board! Thanks 

Robert Kirk

Not wishing to rain on your parade but the later "ribbed cased" transmission is considered superior to the earlier "smooth  cased" tans.  It is a subtle difference but the smooth case is prone to internal issues, and new parts are very difficult to source. 
There are also two versions of the ribbed case.

Some information maybe of help.


Decided to buy the 1500 Midget trans vs. Smoothcase. A little taller and heavier but slightly shorter. FWIW the seller was an experienced Spridget builder and raced a Bugeye in the 80's in SCCA H Production and said he never had an issue with the smoothcase racing or on the road.