'40 Crosley

Douglas Grout

evenin' Jim, Spock, Dave, et al....
There has been enough inquiry about the Prewar that I'm putting up for sale that maybe posting an honest appraisal might help.  Plus a few more photos.
Its a 1940 Crosley convertible coupe:    again...I bought this car 5 years ago off the internet...
* Complete, body-off restoration of a straight, rust-free car to DRIVER quality.
* Only pieces missing:  1) horn button, 2) breather? that fits oil fill on 2 cyl. Waukeshaw engine, 3) correct box for glove box
* Fenders, floor pans, rockers, body tub, front clip, ...all straight w/ no sign of repair
* Springs, shocks, exhaust, king pins, tie rod ends, steering box....all good
* Has the universal joint - transmission to rear end  - early '39s did not.
* New upholstery, door panels, lined convertible top,  ....paint is nice, color is correct to code 
* Chrome is nice...hubcaps, hood ornament, door handles, bumpers
* Glass is nice...felt channels replaced, rubber around windshield replaced, .....rubber throughout is new:  grommets, motor mounts, body mounts, etc.
* Gauges are nice:  oil pressure, ammeter, speedometer,  ( odometer does not work )
* Oil pressure reads 40# cold,  30-35# hot
* Starts easily, shifts nicely once you get the hang of it
* Brakes are good
* New tires all around including spare

* Directional lights and electric wiper have been added

You should also know:
*  Re-wired using modern wiring
*  Door bottoms slightly wavy - a magnet sticks but sanding marks are visible if you look - no paint bubbles however
* Door alignment is off on driver's side
* New top was modified to former owner's taste
* Minor oil drip back of engine
* Have to shut off gravity feed when car is parked
* Audible chatter when climbing grades- sounds like pilot bearing in clutch
* Occasionally needs a push start on hot days

More photos: