Fiat Topolino rearend


Have a 60's project that came with a Crosley block and Fiat Topolino rearend. I believe quite a few H Mods ran the rear and I wonder how much power it can support. I spoke with the shop that is restoring the SIAM which was built with the Topolino rear axle and they felt a built Crosley or Homelite wouldn't be an issue. If you have any experience with this combo I need your thoughts.


What would you do with the Fiat rear? For a while I had a sprite 1275 engine running through a stock Crosley transmission and rear. Just normal driving not racing. Had no trouble with the Sprite/  Crosley combination.

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Actually, it might be valuable to sell and fund replacement. But as much as possible  I want to complete it and really want to use the Topo wheels.