Crosley quarterly puzzle

Andy Farley

The puzzle on page 15 has been driving me nuts. I think the answer on page 28 is wrong. The answer
Show is 4+4=8x10=80+6=86.  I believe it should be 6+4+4x10= 6+8x10= 14x10=140. The answer should be 140. Am I wrong ?

David Stubenvoll

Andy, I spent my entire career as a mechanical engineer and I’ve never seen math explained as it was in the Quarterly. I just assumed that my slide rule and I don’t subscribe to “new math” principles. 140 is my number as well. 

David Stubenvoll

Was just looking at it again and it may have been a typo
6+(4+4x10) = 86 would work with parentheses 

Barb Kapraun

From Kap: “ Hey guys didn’t you learn PEMDAS in school?”
Kap taught math for 54 years the answer given is correct!

Spock Arnold

You beat me Kap. Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally . I agree.

David Stubenvoll

I tip my hat to the math teacher. In my discipline equations are - let’s call it “over defined” to leave nothing that could be misinterpreted. I do take exception however,  to any expression that has 3 equal signs in it. 

Andy Farley

Ok, I get it. Had to look up PEMDAS. It's not how I was taught many years ago. But I guess it shows my decades. Thank You for setting me straight.