To : The Crosley Automobile Club - Nationals Announcement

Jim Bollman

From: Jeff Ackerman

As Chairman of the Crosley Automobile Club, "The Vision Continues" national meet, July 6 - 11 2020, I am optimistic the big show will go on. Very soon you will be receiving your Spring Quarterly. You will find the meet schedule and the pre-registration inside. You should know that the dash plaques are already made and the trophies are almost finished. I recommend pre-registering and making your travel plans. If we are not able to proceed, We will still use your pre-registration to send your dash plaque. ALSO, if need be, we will hold an online show and voting. If you win, your trophy will be mailed to you. As Treasurer of the club, I can assure you that any money you send in for the Banquet, Camping, or Vendor fees, would be refunded. Personally, I am confident the show will proceed as planned and I will be sending my check for registration, camping and the banquet as soon as I receive my quarterly.
Jeffrey Ackerman, Chairman of the Meet, and Treasurer.