Crosley 18 wheeler - changes to the truck


Hello All,
This Saturday, February 29, the Crosley will be transformed into an Art Car at the The Gasparilla Festival of the Arts in Tampa Florida. The event concludes on March 1. I will be posting photos over the weekend as the artist, Cam Parker, hand paints the theme selected for it. Right now, you can go to and read about the The Gasparilla Festival of the Arts, Carmadafl and the artist..Carmada was founded by MItze Gordon. On her web site
you can see all of the Art Cars that are driving around the Tampa Bay area today. I am proud to have had the Crosley selected to bo a part of this rollling art collection. One other note, The Firestion Grand Prix of Saint Petersburg is March 13 to the 15th. I 
volunteer with the Indy Show Car Them. We move 2 show cars to verious location for promotion of the race. One of the cars in the pole sitter fron the 2005 Indy and we let kids sit in it. If anyone is in St.Pete for the race, stop by the Mahaffee Theater ( in the race area)  and say hello. I will be on the south side of the theater near the straight away run into turn 10.
Frank Pinto