29th Orphan Car Tour Scheduled for June 6, 2020

Jim Bollman

Dozens of antique cars will take to the road on Saturday, June 6, as the 29th Orphan Car Tour gets underway. This year’s route runs from Burkittsville, Md. to Bluemont, Virginia, where participants will enjoy a late-afternoon dinner together. Along the way, drivers will pause to see several attractions including a car collection, an antique grist mill, and an auto restoration shop.

For years the Orphan Tour has provided owners of antique "orphan" (discontinued- make) vehicles the opportunity for a leisurely afternoon cruise over scenic, mostly-rural roads, traveling at their own pace. The Tour takes place in a different location each year around the greater Washington-Baltimore region. Cars manufactured as early as 1912 have been driven, and over sixty cars have participated on some Tours. Orphan nameplates glimpsed on a typical Tour can be as familiar as Pontiac, Mercury and Plymouth, and as obscure as Flanders, Hupmobile and Moline-Knight. The Tour is open to all “orphans" which are at least 25 years old.

Details for this year’s event are being finalized, and a flyer with complete information is scheduled for March. Updates will be published at the Tour’s website, http://www.orphancartour.org/. Further information is available from Jon Battle at (540) 364-1770, or via e-mail at tourdirector@....

The Tour's six sponsors -- all local chapters or regions of national clubs -- are the Chesapeake Bay Chapter of the H-E-T Club, the DeSoto Owners Club of Maryland, the Keystone Region Chapter of the Studebaker Driver's Club (SDC), Mid-Atlantic Packards (a region of The Packard Club), The Potomac Region of the SDC, and The Potomac Ramblers (an affiliate of the AMO and AMCRC clubs).