Fore sale listing

Gabriel Haddad

Hey all,
Here is a listing for a 48 Wagon. I checked it out and the body is in really good condition. Frame looked straight. It's a basic model. Cast bock and Carter Carb. 6" brakes. Runs per owner with low oil pressure after it warms up. Hood, front clip and, bottom of the front fenders are the worst condition as they have a lot of body filler. Paint is obviously not original and is a poor overcoat. Tires are of era but, 4.60's. Interior is seats only, all paneling has been removed. Windows and seals are in really great shape. Hatchback window is out but, clear. Gas tank is fabricated. No spare or tire carrier. I assume it has a title as it has a current plate (I forgot to ask).
I am not in the market for it and I can't make any promises on my observations.

Good luck, Gabe.