Chevy powered Crosley

Jeremy Rutherford

I came across this video on youtube.  I am still looking into chevy power. It says it is a Chevy 153 and it is in some sort of crosley converted into a mini 18 wheeler.  To my untrained eye it doesn't look like the firewall has been modified or that it is really even a close fit.  What do you think?   Anyone see any obvious modifications that I'm not knowledgeable enough to see?

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The best engine swap for a Crosley is the 1500 MG motor, trans, and rearend.  The Chevy 153 is too heavy, and requires firewall,  floor modification, frame reinforcement, spring buildup, and a trans, and rearend switch. I have a Ford flathead V8 60 hp. in my convertible. It was built by a Crosley dealer, and It has taken me 7 years to perfect it. To where it is a nice driver.


Tim Hamblen

That's the Pinto Express. Been seen here numerous times, he's a CAC member. The 4 cyl Chevy would be a good one but they are rare as hen's teeth anymore. They were used in very early Novas(Chevy II).Another good one would be an early Pinto engine, the overhead cam German engine.Pre computer.Parts readily available.Stay away from British Leyland engines. Parts can be found but $$$$. Vega engines ? I wouldn't. The good thing about the Pinto motor (Mustang II, same thing) , it is a lot of aluminum and light. There might be some small V6 engines out there that would fit but are likely heavy, when you consider most were just V8s with 2 cylinders lopped off.

ROBERT L GREGG <capngrog@...>

Why settle for four cylinders when you can have eight? 

The '52 pickup is on a '62 Corvette, and the '50 wagon is stock.  If I plan to go any distance or want to take both Crosleys somewhere, I tow the wagon with the pick up.  The wagon tows great.

Jeremy Rutherford

Robert, great looking setup!  Ultimately, I want it to look stock from a the outside.  That's why I want to stick with 4 cyl power. I'm sure the British swaps would be better, but I like my chevys.  I will probably look to a later model crosley motor for more power if I can't make something work from the general.