Iceball For Sale

"Jim_Bollman" <Jim@...>

Here is an Iceball in poor contition that could probably be restored
for display but would not be safe to use. The fellow wants shipping
costs and a little bit for his effort. Make him an offer if you want
one. Here is his note.

Me again. I've brought the Icyball back to Oregon. It's from Arizona,
but it's been out in the weather a lot of years. It has bullet holes
in the bottom, a stress fracture in the bend of the tube, and a small
hole on the upper shoulder of the ridged sphere where it looks like
it's rusted out from the inside.

It'll go for the best offer; I'm only interested in finding it a home.
I'd expect the new owner to pay shipping from Medford, Oregon 97501
(shipping weight about 30 lbs.), and it would be nice if I were at
least partly compensated for my efforts.