47 roundside pick up

"dccrosley" <Crosleydc@...>

I have to line up with Jak on this one.It is YOUR car.I Appreciate
Crosley rods as much as anyone else,But consider this if your
situation allows: Those who restore are correct as well;roundsides
are very hard to find.Many who want one can't find anything that
isn't rusted away,and would pay dearly for yours should you one day
wish to sell it.It could very well be worth more stock than a
streetrod ever would be.Given that,if there is any doubt in your mind
about cutting it up,why not consider giving a good home to one of the
many other Crosleys out there that are very cheap,yet in good enough
shape.Turn one of those into a streetrod,enjoy the best of both types
and avoid possible future regrets.It's ultimately your decision and
car.You should do what YOU want with it.I just thought I would throw
in my ideas.Hope I helped...

Dave Coudriet