How to?

"iamrustless" <bethalk@...>

Check the threads on the stud. Still good? Wrap a rag around the
area where the threaded stud hole is. Clean out the threaded hole
with some spray degreaser (wear good eye protection). If the threads
in the hole are still good (you are lucky) use some locktite to
secure the stud in the hole. Put two nuts on the top portion of the
stud, lock them together, and install the stud into the hole. This
has worked well for me on other applications. Hal

"imakarknut" <karknut@...>

Thanks for the previous assistance. I have now succeded in taking
the carb off the '48 stationwagon and think I've cleaned it up and it
should now do its thing. However, in order to get at the back nut I
did take off the cam cover and discovered that one of the little
studs that goes through the cam cover and holds it in place, came off
when I took the cover off. It appears to have been loose, since I
see no new metal shining but who knows? I need to know the best way
to reattach the stud. I welcome all suggestions since I am very new
at this Crosley thing! Thanks. Steve