Crosley for sale ...


... with an original COBRA engine, which runs great, although the COBRAs
are a bit noisier than the CIBAs. I think if you keep lots of anti-rust
and water-pump lubricant in the cooling system, and make extra-positive
to never overheat it or freeze it, it should run indefinitely. But the
seller will include a CIBA engine and transmission, and extra parts.

It's an older body-off-restoration heated-garage-kept 1947 CC-47 sedan
with radio. Paint scheme is a two-tone green/brown. Chrome parts and
upholstery were all re-done. It's a turnkey car.

Seller Al Goll is asking $5K. The car is at
Strip-Rite, 103 200th Avenue (US 45), Union Grove WI 53182. (262)
878-5342. FAX: (262) 878-0400.

Mention my name if you like.

On the Photos page: it's true we only get 30MB for photos, but we could
always open another free discussion group for photos only and get
another free 30 MBs. And when that fills up, well ....


Lucas Automotive in California has nice 1½"-wide 12" portawalls for
about $35. (800) 952-4333.


Anyone have Neal Daglow's new email or phone number? Thanks!

Enjoy the weekend!

Ciåo ...

Lou Rugani