Crosley wheels and VC spacers.


For those concerned about the appearance of the stock wheels on the rear of a VC, there were aftermarket spacers available in ½ inch and 1 inch thicknesses.  I have the 1 inch spacers on my VC.  They require longer lug bolts.  In addition to improving the appearance, they allegedly let the roadsters handle better by giving a wider tread width in the rear.


-Steve M.


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Can you post a picture of the back side of the more recessed rim?  My initial thought is that someone removed the center hub, reversed it and welded it back in.  The bead width on the recessed rim appears wider and the hub appears to be attached further back on the drop center of the outer rim. 


The Crosley style rims were used on many other applications other than the Crosley car, like trailer manufacturers.  I believe they were a purchased item, not made in house by Crosley.  The rim manufacturer may have sold rims for another use that required more of a recess.  Speculation on my part if your deep dish rim is factory made this way and not modified. 


The deep wheel would look great on the rear of a VC Crosley.  The stock rim looks lost in the wheel opening on the rear of a HotShot or Super Sports.  Bringing the tire closer to the rear fender would improve the appearance in my opinion.


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I was given a couple of Crosley wheels for my Hotshot. When I got them home I noticed they were different in the hub offsets - one matches the ones that I have on the car - the other is totally different - Any idea what the odd one is off of?

When I lay a straight edge across the wheel and take the measurement from the hump by the edge of the hubcap cap and to the hole in the center these are the measurements I get
The one that matches the ones on my car measures approx 1/2" to the hump and 1 5/8" the the center hub hole
The other one measures about 1 1/2" to the hump and 2 1/2" to the center hub hole

Any thoughts?
Thanks, Jerry