my first crosley any advise welcome


I have just purchased my first crosley car  it claims " The engine does not run as it was assembled for display only and will need to be rebuilt but appears to be complete"
now I always think engines are stripped for a reason and I was wondering if anyone could advise on the car if anyone knows it (its from pittsburgh) or any common faults with the engine plus the spares situation
thanks all

Tim Hamblen

Appears to be complete....that would worry me. It may not have any internals (pistons , rods, cam, etc etc.) And if it was made up from various parts it may not have matching main bearing caps or matching bell housing halves.If you put up a few pictures that might tell us something.

Tim Hamblen

You might try turning it over (not with the starter but turn the flywheel and do NOT try to turn with the bolt on the crank pulley)


The car itself looks nice. Enjoy!

Good news: if the engine in the car is not viable, Crosley engines are reasonably plentiful and affordable. They are simple-ish to work on, though there are a few quirks and machining challenges. 

Ditto the parts being plentiful and affordable. You can find anything needed to rebuild them from Service Motors, Edwards Crosley Parts, or Yankee Crosley. All three vendors and others are listed on the club’s vendor page. Dave Edwards does not have a website - he does everything by phone and mail. Great guy to work with.  

Have fun!