Re: Mechanical Brake Rebuild

Jim Liberty

Gang, I did a complete re-do of my mechanical brakes on my '47 PU. I have not driven the car yet, but I'm most interested in the stopping ability. Comments anyone.    ......Jim.

On Sat, Nov 20, 2021 at 8:12 AM Jim Bollman <Jim@...> wrote:
I’m doing my first mechanical brake rebuild in almost 60 years. First a hint that seems to work if your brake cables are not to rusty and messed up. I took my cables off and soaked them in Evapo-Rust (available lots of places, I bought mine at Harbor Freight). It is a non toxic process and only removes rust so you can not leave things in to long. I soaked them over night then wiped the visible parts of the cable off and  rinsed in water then put the backing plate end in a vise and pulled the sheath to the other end and put that end back in the Evap-Rust to soak a bit longer. Now I’m trying to decide if I should oil or grease the cables before reinstalling. I need to make or order some wedges for the cross bar to do the adjusting, The original lining is a woven style, probably asbestos. Decide to reuse it since it is in good condition for the milage the pickup will ever get. Any other tips for doing mechanical brakes anyone wants to share?

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