Re: Gas Tank Drain Fixture


The down side of removing the drain plug is you will break the surface of the tank coating allowing gas to get between the sealer and metal of the tank possibly causing the sealer to lift break up and plug the pickup tube 

On Sep 12, 2021, at 9:44 PM, Paula W <paula_whitney@...> wrote:

CAR: 47 Sedan.
Back before I knew we could order new gas tanks, we had our gas tank cleaned and recoated. I had  a strong suspicion that they didn't remove the drain plug, but I forgot to check on that before we installed it. I've siphoned the gas before and that was a trial, hence I'd like to use this drain.

 Do you see any significant issue with me opening it under these circumstances? Any special considerations when I put it back?

If I should stick with siphoning, just say. We've had no gas leaks from this tank, which was in pretty decent condition before we took it in.

Thank you.


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