Re: Brake line question

Gabriel Haddad

I believe there is a snap ring on inside of the frame.

On Fri, Aug 6, 2021, 11:39 AM Don Pitchford via <> wrote:
I am working on the brakes on my 51 Hot Shot. It has hydraulic drum brakes. The rubber brake line on the passenger side front is collapsed. I ordered a new one from Service Motors. How do I get the old one out of the frame? It's disconnected from the wheel cylinder and steel brake line but I can't get it out of the hole in the frame. I don't want to go beating on it if there's a keeper that I'm overlooking. Will this be obvious when I have the new one in hand? I looked for info on Youtube and the Crosley Automobile website but didn't find anything about it.
Don Pitchford

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