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Jim Liberty

Jim, my '47 PU will be out of body and paint in a week or so. I have many pictures of this body-off restoration. Would that be of any interest to the members? Most everything is show quality, except I took liberties with it, like dual exhausts, Braje twin intake and exhaust, side covers, fog lights, oak slat bed liner, extra chrome, etc. My shop is known for world class Porsche 356 restorations, with numerous concours wins.  I am an "Old Geezer".                          



On Sun, Jul 18, 2021 at 1:13 PM Gabriel Haddad <super51.g100@...> wrote:
Hello everyone,  
With another great national meet behind us, I was reminded about a few things that might be helpful to others.  This one applies to restoration and rustoration. Since I have had it, my SS has been missing the front passenger fenderwell battery service shield. I finally got around to fabricating one but was challenged with reproducing the undercoating to match the rest of the fenderwell. After a few trials, I found the 3M body schutz with a with a good ole splat gun was the match I was looking for. If your undercoating is lighter or faded, blend your patch with spray paint.  

On Mon, May 31, 2021, 3:50 PM Jim Bollman <Jim@...> wrote:
As I am putting together my Crosley Garage column for the Summer Quarterly, I am getting low on Restoration Tips again, I may have enough for Fall Column. So if you have additional Tips just reply to this message and it will be added to the sticky thread at the top of the Crosley-Gang Page for easy reference.

For those that are not members of the Brick & Mortar club I have had a column in the Crosley Auto Club Quarterly magazine for many years that is made up from questions and answers from Crosley-Gang that I think would be useful to members that don't do computers or want their info in hard print. I don't use names, just initials or first names, so don't be bashful. Gabriel suggested the idea of restoration tips for the beginner and I have added them as part of my column. The tips so far have been good for old timers as well as beginners and I thank all that have contributed so far. 

More Tips Please.



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