Re: Crofton Exhaust

Jim Liberty

I made my own exhaust system for my Hotshot and Pickup. There are components available out there that make it relatively easy. That said, it probably would have been cheaper to have a muffler shop make them.    .....Jim.

On Tue, Jun 22, 2021 at 1:19 PM Steve <brawnybug@...> wrote:


No one is making replacement exhaust that I know about.  Several folks have had them made and I would recommend just going to your local exhaust / muffler supply and have them make a custom exhaust for you. 


You have to remember that the original Crofton engines were the mirror blocks so the exhaust runs down the left side of the car.  Many Croftons have had their engines replaced with Crosley engines so the exhaust runs down the right side. 


With that uncertainty and the low demand, you are best just having a custom exhaust made.


-Steve M.

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