Re: New Driver

Jim Liberty

This was great guys. I was not doing it correctly. And, I do well with pictures.     Thanks again, Jim.

On Sun, Jun 20, 2021 at 12:26 PM Tim King <lking124@...> wrote:
I thought I saw one of him showing how to downshift too. Maybe not though…

On Jun 20, 2021, at 3:06 PM, Jim Bollman <Jim@...> wrote:

Here is a video our Vice President put together last year. It is good for up shifting, I tried to talk him into doing one on downshifting too but not sure he has mastered that. When I drive a Crosley a lot I get so I can go up and down with minimal grind upshifting new 100% and 90% of the time down but if I don’t drive it a lot I loose my ability pretty quick and it is more like 75% up and 50% down.


On Jun 20, 2021, at 2:48 PM, Jim Liberty <jimliberty356@...> wrote:

I am new to the cars, and just got my Hotshot on the road. Is it possible to master the gear box, or does everyone just grind gears like I do? Double clutching does no better.                .................Jim.

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