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Send me yours and i will rebuild it.
Service Motors.

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Contact the vendors, they don’t list all the things they have specially in small quantities. Are you looking for a used one that you can use or rebuild or a rebuilt one? I believe Service Motors offers rebuilt ones, Dave Edwards probably has a used one that may need rebuilding. I believe Barry Seel, also on the vendor list, rebuilds both Tillotson and Carters.


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I checked the vendors listed and no one had one.

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   One thing to think about. Since the nationals are only a little over 3 weeks away, the big parts sellers are busy packing up for the show, and PROBABLY wouldn't ship any parts out until after the show anyway. If you are planning on going to the show, you could order a carb and have them bring it to the show for you. This way you have one for sure. A lot of good parts do get bought up quickly at the show. 

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