Re: Correct front wheel cylinder for 51 CD Wagon?

Jim Liberty

Bob, I wish I could be of help, but I'm new to the Crosley hobby. Having my own issues with my '50 Hotshot with disc brakes. One of our members sent me his "Fix", and I'm waiting for parts.


On Tue, Jun 8, 2021 at 9:27 AM Bob H. <bob@...> wrote:
Both front wheel cylinders on my '51 wagon are leaking and I'd like to replace them. In the interest of getting this car out of my garage quickly, I checked the parts interchange info on the club website and found a cylinder #7379 in stock at my local parts store. I plan to pick up some spares at Wauseon either way but had hoped to find parts locally to get this car rolling (and stopping!) sooner.

The cylinder looks exactly the same as the ones on my car except that the hydraulic fitting isn't correct. I've attached photos of my old cylinder, a new cylinder, and my brake line. I'm just not sure if my car has the proper cylinder and the interchange # didn't get me the right part or if my car has different cylinders/lines that it should. It does look like the brake line maybe has some kind of adapter fitting on the end. Help?

-Bob Hodgeman


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