Re: Big News For The Nationals - From President Dave


I agree with club president Dave, Our club is strong, generous and continues to grow because of our fine club members. Please remember that our club sales area can accept credit cards for all purchases from the silent auction and club sales products.  Jeffrey Ackerman

On Mon, Jun 7, 2021, 10:10 AM Jim Bollman <Jim@...> wrote:
For those of you who are looking for their first (or another) Crosley, I have it on good authority that there has been 2 good quality Crosleys donated to the club. They will be made available to club members at the convention in Wauseon in the silent auction. Come with cash in your wallets (or purses) . These cars are quality and will not go cheap. I will post more details later, however they are both wagons and have been for sale in excess of 5,000 dollars.
I am still looking for transportation for one of them from the St. Louis area, but we will figure it out. If anyone can help, please get in touch with me. We have a volunteer that can go half way from the Wauseon side has stepped up if that helps and we have a place to hold it until the show. Also, there has been a couple good engines donated, including a nice factory marine engine. In addition a lot of parts and a collection of memorabilia. The generosity of Crosley people in support of our club continues to show what a great bunch we have.
In addition, I am told there will be several other cars and untold other parts in the trading post and flea market. There is always room for more! Bring all that Crosley "stuff" that is taking up your space and sell it in the Flea market and trading post, or, if you will , donate to the silent auction. This years show will be the biggest EVER!

Dave Anspach

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