Re: Gas Tank.

Jim Liberty

I've been restoring cars for many years. Old gas tanks carry a multitude of problems. Not just the tank, but plugged fuel lines and filters, and most significantly the carburetors. Doing it once, and right is always the cheapest method. Here are a couple shots of my body-off pickup, with a custom dual exhaust I made from 1-1/2" pipe. You can see I do not weld, and I wanted to do it myself. Thanks to Ed Limke, I have a full set of "Braje" engine mods, including a dual carb setup.     ..................Jim.

On Sun, Mar 7, 2021 at 3:21 PM Rick Geithmann <pzkw-6@...> wrote:
Hi Jim.

I only have one Crosley vehicle but when it comes to a gas tank I would just invest in the stainless steel one. I to did not like the price at first but it has been well worth it.

Not only does it fit and work but it will solve all your problems. My 47 sedan has been running perfectly since I installed my tank.

Rick Geithmann

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