Re: Real Axle Shackle Position


I made the sad mistake of installing the spring over the axle when first assembling my car. In my defense, the car came fully disassembled, so I had no model to go on. 

I thought it sat high in back, but assumed that was because it didn’t have the weight of the gas tank, glass, spare tire, etc. yet. 

Then I took my middle school son and his three large friends for a ride around the block. We went over a bump and CRUNCH! The whole car settled, the shifter moved forward, and we coasted the last 20 yards to the garage.

As Tim said, the stress popped the motor mounts and shoved the whole driveline forward. I’m lucky it didn’t make a hole in the radiator, but the fan did crease all the cooling fins over in a circular pattern. 

Yikes. Don’t do that. 


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