Re: Gasporter Linkage

Jim Liberty

Thanks Jim. I have a picture from Paula that gives me the layout. .........Jim.

PS. Here is my shop. I restore 356 Porsches, but the '47 PU will be my shop truck. The body is off and in the body/paint shop. The frame has been dry ice stripped, and painted.  .....................................................Jim         

On Sun, Jan 24, 2021 at 3:42 PM Jim Bollman <Jim@...> wrote:
There are on bunch of pictures in the Photo Album section under Restoration Tips. Search for brakes if this link doesn’t work. Not sure if they will tell you both what you need to know.

If these pictures don’t help I will see what I can dig out of my photo files. The club has a display of brake systems at the Nationals every year and I have some pictures of those displays.

I assume when you said sliding clutch bar you mean sliding brake bar? I think during the vintage of the Gasporter they had a cable clutch in the cars.


On Jan 24, 2021, at 3:49 PM, jeff <jeffalyon@...> wrote:

Hello everyone.   I am now restoring a Gasporter and the mechanical brake and clutch cable linkages have been modified/changed over the years.   Anyone have a photo or drawing of the correct original setup?  I am not sure how the sliding clutch bar is supposed to work.



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