1950cd 1 piece window regular clips update.


Hello, I found the size of the clips (7/16) but they would not stay on. I remove the regulator and found this was a used one I purchased years ago and the corrosion on the end made the groove smaller. I removed it, drilled an 1/8 hole it the spot of the groove thru it. Then, I just used a thin washer and a cotter pin instead of the clip. It worked great. I post a few photos of it on my website www.crosleygarage.com so you can see the modification. The Plexiglass has some very light scratches form the dooe glass weather strip from rolling it up and down. I ordered a kit to remove the scratches and put a trearment on to stop that in the future. I only put the windoes up in the summer when I have the air conditioner on. Also, I added a spring inside the door of the righ side of the regulator window guide slot to the bracket at the bottom of the track near the door latch.  You can see the spring in one of the last photos. I covered it in thin foam and than black tape to stop it from rattling and banging around. This "pulls" the widow back to keep the front from droping down due to the bad Crosey 1 piece window design.

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