Re: VC Parts diagram/ info needed.


The “continental” spare on my custom convertible uses a turned down 6” brake drum for the spare mount.  No one sees if they don’t look.  Only Paul Gorrell has noticed it.



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Yes as best I can tell. Not a lot of extra FOR mounts laying outs around either. Since it is all hidden when the wheel/tire is mounted it isn’t that hard to make one that will work. I made the one for the Super Sports I redid in the 70s.

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Isn't the VC spare tire mount the same as on the Farm-O-Road?


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The VC wiring diagram is the same as the CD. It's in the Service Manual, listed as "with directional signals". I can't recall, and significant differences, if there are any.


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Suppliers have the spacer.  Spare tire mount will be tough to find a diagram on.  You may have to find someone who has one and borrow it to copy.  

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I am looking for plans or diagrams for the following VC parts:

spare tire mount

Wood spacer for pail/license lamp 

I know I have seen these in old quarterlies, but not sure what issue

thanks.  Mike Duffy






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