Re: 1952 wagon hood stuck

Don Pitchford

I'm glad you got it open. Just in case others run into this problem I will tell you a way to do it without taking things apart. I inherited a 48 1/2 wagon that was my Dad's. He never had the hardware to hook up the hood release. For the 40 plus years he owed the car he used a modified screwdriver to open the hood. He heated the blade of a #2 straight blade screwdriver and bent it into a hook, then ground it flat enough to fit between the hood and the grill. It was a bit like a large crochet hook ground thin so he could hook the hood catch and pull forward.

I have since gotten parts to fix the hood release, but I still have his old "hood opener" tool, just in case.
Don Pitchford

On Thursday, December 10, 2020, 11:40:35 AM CST, Ken Ballein <kballein@...> wrote:


I have a 1952 wagon with the hood stuck closed.  The hood cable broke.  I have most of the front grill out, but not sure how the latch works.  I can pull the arm the hooks to the cable but it still won’t unlock.  Any suggestions?


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