Re: fuel line fitting leakage

Paula W

Thank you - what I think may look like Teflon tape is bright glare from the the light against the leaking fuel.
I'll try again, but I think I need to determine the correct wrench size before doing more damage. :-/

On Sunday, October 11, 2020, 5:44:32 PM PDT, L.E. Hardee <hftsales@...> wrote:

I think I see teflon tape.  The brass fittings use a bevel joint, sometimes called an inverted flare to seal.  Teflon tape can cause the threads to tighten before the sealing surfaces mate.  Undo it, remove all the tape and try it again. Be careful not to cross thread the fitting.  That was my first reaction to your description before I saw the picture.   Good luck.  Worst case, buy a new brass elbow fitting.

On Sun, Oct 11, 2020 at 8:07 PM Paula W <paula_whitney@...> wrote:
I have a leaking fitting on the fuel pump side of the line to the carburetor. (See photo.) We removed and reattached it as part of trouble shooting a starting problem.
Unfortunately, after reattaching the fuel side fitting now leaks. I tried tightening as much as I could but started to strip the nut.
Should it be this hard to tighten?
Did we damage it, hence need to replace the line and fittings?
What is the wrench size? 7/16 came the closest for us, but as not perfect we ended up stripping the nut.

I did this to myself and don't want to do it again if possible.

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