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Thanks, anyone have a photo of the special hub spacer?

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The front  and inside rear wheels on the FOR are the same as the Crosley CC, CD, and VC.  The outer rear dual wheel is obviously different.  The inner rear lug bolts are unique on the dual setup are different in that they have the male threads to mount the inner wheel to the hub and are also female threaded to accept the lug bolts from the outer dual wheel.  There is also a center hub spacer for the outer dual wheel.  The outer dual wheel uses the standard lug bolts as the rest of the Crosleys.

On Sun, Oct 4, 2020 at 1:12 PM Richard Schaffer <rnaschaffer@...> wrote:
The outer wheel on a FOR is unique to the FOR.  It is a much heavier, cast iron with a large offset.

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