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I know the man who built the 47 "Crosmobile" sold by Mecum.  He restored 4 Crosleys.  I own two of them. He always told me, "Steve, I didn't chop the top."  My reply was, "Okay, you didn't chop the top, but someone else did and couldn't finish it. You added your own touches and finished the job."  He just got a very big smile and laughed. My Crosley J was one of his Crosleys.  

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That is an interesting project concept.  I believe if I was doing that much custom work, I would put in roll-up door windows.  The Crosmobile that started his idea process seems to me to be a customized CC sedan rather than a VC.  I like the door/quarter window style on it anyway.

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CrosleyKook has posted another interesting article on his blog, check it out.


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