Re: Main bearing clearances

Steve Olinger

 I ran into the same problem if you are speaking of the thrust main bearing (the one with the flanges). Spoke to Butch when he ran Service Motors and he had never had or heard any customers have this problem with the new bearings. Everything plastigauged fine as far as the clearances but the thrust bearing was too thick on the flanges. I carefully sanded the flanges on flat glass and miked till I got the correct clearance. and even flange thickness.

September 20 2020 12:35 PM, "Jerry Summey via" <gaelecsol@...> wrote:

What, if any, should the clearance be from the outer face of the rear main bearing to the crankshaft counter weight. I have a new set of bearings and when you lay the crankshaft in the crankcase and try to turn it, the bearing turns as well. There is no clearance at all. This is being done with the bearings in the crankcase only, none of the bearing caps have been installed. I have built several Crosley engines and this is a first for me.

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