Re: Hung brake? Sticking brake?


Steve, my experience with something like that was not with a Crosley so I do not know if it equates but is worth looking at.  On mine the brake pedal was not coming fully up and so the master cylinder was not releasing the pressure.  It would build and build until it locked the brakes.  After it sat for awhile it would release on its own.  Lubed the brake pedal and made sure it was fully retuning after it was pressed.  It then didn’t give me anymore trouble.  Kent

On Sep 18, 2020, at 4:19 PM, Steve <brawnybug@...> wrote:

I have some ideas on this problem but want to seek the advice of the Crosley collective.
Last weekend at the Illinois Meet we did our small cruise.  Nice and slow, a little stop and go.  When we returned to the park, I proceeded to load my Crosley on its trailer.  I hooked up my winch and the car did not want to move.  Checked the shifter, it wasn’t in gear.  Checked the e-brake, it wasn’t set.  I really had to work the winch hard to get it loaded.
2 hours later when I’m home, it rolls off the trailer easy as can be.  I suspect I have a brake hanging up, but I suspect the hydraulic components more than the springs.  I’m thinking:
1.      Bleed the brakes
2.      Check wheel cylinders
3.      Check brake lines for collapse.
Something was stuck, but released over time.  Here’s your chance, please share your experience.
-Steve M.

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