Re: Hung brake? Sticking brake?



Quite possibly the master cylinder. There are two ports in there, one lets the fluid return to the master cylinder, from the wheel cylinders, after a brake application is over.

Talk about exciting, I had that happen to me on the front wheel brake of a motorcycle. It would set the brake tight enough, to lock up the tire while slowing down. A quick opening on the bleeder, would produce a tiny spurt of fluid, enough to relieve the pressure in the caliper, and no more drag.

Cleaning the master cylinder ports out, fixed the problem.

Just a possible idea.


On 9/18/2020 7:19 PM, Steve wrote:

I have some ideas on this problem but want to seek the advice of the Crosley collective.

Last weekend at the Illinois Meet we did our small cruise.  Nice and slow, a little stop and go.  When we returned to the park, I proceeded to load my Crosley on its trailer.  I hooked up my winch and the car did not want to move.  Checked the shifter, it wasn’t in gear.  Checked the e-brake, it wasn’t set.  I really had to work the winch hard to get it loaded


2 hours later when I’m home, it rolls off the trailer easy as can be.  I suspect I have a brake hanging up, but I suspect the hydraulic components more than the springs.  I’m thinking:

1.      Bleed the brakes

2.      Check wheel cylinders

3.      Check brake lines for collapse.


Something was stuck, but released over time.  Here’s your chance, please share your experience.


-Steve M.


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