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Since we did a lot of them, I made some jigs and tools, to do the job easier and better. For just a couple, it's not worth the investment in time, to do so.

Make sure that the bores are clean and smooth, they will most likely be pitted, so use some fine sandpaper to smooth the edges, do NOT try to remove the pits.

Use plenty of grease, put the shaft up thru the newly installed bushing (which will most likely need reaming/honing, to allow the shaft to pass thru it), grease the shaft and seal thoroughly and carefully start the seal, using a small screwdriver over the end and passed the bolt hole.

Then, using the same small screwdriver, tuck the outside edges down into the liberally greased bore. Use a piece of tubing to bottom it out.

Do it again, on the next ring, then put the female VEE washer on, press it down, then the spring, then the male VEE washer, then the next seal (this one is the tough one!), then the last female VEE washer.

Now, while holding it all compressed, put the retaining cap on and crimp into the groove in the pump snout.

Simple, huh!

A little caveat, make sure that the grease/water weep hole, is clear, BEFORE you start. If it is plugged up, you can blow the cap off of the pump, while greasing it.

We always greased them, while spinning them on a drill press, to get everything seated and acquainted with each other.

Hope that this helps,


On 9/18/2020 9:25 AM, Andy Drake wrote:
I have a pile of water pump cores and am getting ready to rebuild a few. I've done a large number of three or four bolt water pumps in the past, but never a six bolt. Is there any special trick to them? The construction is quite a bit different than the earlier style with the packing. I don't want to damage the seals putting them in, so there must be a preferred way. Thanks!
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